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Welcome to the documentation page of Innovation in Mind. Below you will find flying reporter-coverage of the entire 2013 event, and some from previous issues. Please scroll down to find keynotes, interviews and more from the livestream. For documentation of breakout sessions, please scroll further down and click the breakout session you are interested in – most have journalist summaries. Scroll on down to find documentation of Innovation in Mind 2011 and 2012.

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Balloon man Opening:

Ray Hammond Scary – wonderful: the next 50 yearss 

Eric Warrant What if…we could unravel the secrets of an insect brain?

Cecilia Nebel/Arthur Zang Small talk 1 

Torkel Stålhand Genius in everyone 

Annalee Newitz Scatter, adapt & remember – how humans will survive a mass extinction

Nina Tandon Engineering life in the valley of death

Katrin Ros What if…there are new planets forming everywhere?

Kristian von Bengtsson Copenhagen Suborbitals

Marcin de Kaminski What if…knowledge would be free?

Cecilia Nebel/Erik Lindroth Small talk 2

Vivek Wadwha How we will solve humanity´s grand challenges

Anders Björklund What if…we could help the brain repair itself

Jan Rabaey The innovation is in the mind 

Chander Chawla Innovation and its challenges

Ron Boschma How do regions diversify into economic activities?

Roy Leighton Call to adventure…

Cecilia Nebel/Alisa Andrasek Small talk 3 

Leighton, Wahdwa, Rabaey, Chawla Short interviews 1

Hammond,Tandon, Newitz, Schoonover Short interviews 2

Warrant, Bengtsson, Ros, Stålhand, Kaminski Short interviews 3

Breakout Sessions

Please click the session you are interested in to see a summary.

Track A
Track B
"Society 2"
Track C
Track D
Track E
Track F
"Open Track"
Session 1

A1: The city as a driver for innovation CANCELLED!!

Palaestra ▸ Upper

B1: Is innovation going to save the climate?

Palaestra ▸ Lower

C1: Long Term Survival Strategies

Academic Society ▸ Plenary

D1: MindLab – rethinking the public sector

Academic Society ▸ Lilla salen

E1: Thinking in time: Cognition, Communication and Learning (CCL)

Academic Society ▸ Concert Hall

Session 2

A2: Acceptance of the call/ Crossing the threshold

Ideon ▸ Backstage

B2: Public innovation funding instruments

Ideon ▸ Square

C2: The Innovation is in the Mind: neuroscience, nanotechnology and information technology on a convergence path

Ideon ▸ Forum

D2: Entrepreneurial leadership in a sustainable community

Medicon Village ▸ Guest Restaurant

E2: Move your ideas forward

Medicon Village ▸ Auditorium

OT1 + OT1a: Hands-On Creativity: Upcycling Waste + The Open Arena 5 experience

Ideon ▸ LU Open

Session 3

A3: How to combat friction by design

Ideon ▸ Backstage

B3: Experience of public innovation instruments

Ideon ▸ Square

C3: Innovation and its challenges

Ideon ▸ Forum

D3: Lean + Agile = Innovation?

Medicon Village ▸ Guest Restaurant

E3: How online medicine and m-health will change global healthcare

Medicon Village ▸ Auditorium

OT2: Materials evolution

Ideon ▸ LU Open

Session 4

A4: The path of trials/ Returning with the elixir

Ideon ▸ Backstage

B4: Heatherwick Studio – Designing the extraordinary

Ideon ▸ Square

C4: Extreme open innovation approaches for technology breakthroughs that protect the planet. Part 1

Ideon ▸ Forum

D4: Innovation Psychology: how to attain behaviors of innovation

Medicon Village ▸ Guest Restaurant

E4: Playing at work – the shortcut to enhancing organizational creativity

Medicon Village ▸ Auditorium

OT3 + OT4: Personalized health + Creating Competitive Jobs

Ideon ▸ LU Open

Session 5

A5: The Material Point/ Material science meets design and architecture and vice versa

Ideon ▸ Backstage

B5: Turning Knowledge into Value (for more people), new research and opportunities

Ideon ▸ Square

C5: Extreme open innovation approaches for technology breakthroughs that protect the planet. Part 2

Ideon ▸ Forum

D5: What is Innovation – really (or possibly)?

Medicon Village ▸ Guest Restaurant

E5: Sharing learning from dental care to reinforce health promotion

Medicon Village ▸ Auditorium

OT5: Future cities

Ideon ▸ LU Open

Earlier IIM issues:

Innovation in Mind 2012 Day one

John Kao 
Heidi Forbes Öste 
Robin Chase 
Lawrence Lessig 
Arne Berge 
Arne Berge 
Saskia Sassen “When stable meanings become unstable – what do you see?”
Henry Petroski 
Sep Kamvar 
John Kao

Innovation in Mind 2012 Day two

Susanna Bill 
David Gauntlett
John Bell
Robert Willim
Carolyn Gale
Ole Vilster
Mats Ekstrand & others
Pia Kinhult och Per Eriksson


Find the complete deck of images with creative commons rights: here

Find a Youtube video-roll with all sketchnotes here


Other stuff from IIM 2012

Sep Kamvar presents Boundaries

Greetings from Larry Lessig

Greetings from Sep Kamvar






Documentation from Innovation in Mind 2011:

Video from workshop: Spaces – Innovation

Interview with Danielle Lanyard

Video from open forum: The greatest story never told

Interview with Daryl Hannah (from Qday – “An evening of Inspiration”)

Twitter and text comments  from the conference


Presentations in pdf-format (2011):

Susanne Åkesson Is innovation what you think it is?  + video GPS tracking of seabirds

Ray Kurzweil  The web within us: When minds and machines become one.  (Large file!)

Charles Leadbeater What will be the key organizing idea of future society?  

Jon Gosier The missing information: The last mile of communication 

Tracy Brandenburg The innovation that´s not on the main highway

Jan Evert Nilsson Innovation – the ideology of the 21st century 

Danielle Lanyard Startup Plan for planet earth 

Guy Lafranchi  Design process and innovation (Large file!)

Roy Leighton Are you a team or a tribe?… 

Christina Johannesson Tomorrow is leaving yesterday behind – the horror of innovation 

Sigvald Harryson Solving extreme Innovation challenges – emerging business models combining collaboration and competition  (Large file!)

Claus Sehested Lean innovation – how to innovate your innovation