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Innovation in Mind

Innovation in Mind 2010
Innovation in Mind 2010. The university aula in a spectacular setting


It’s paradoxical that as knowledge grows increasingly specialized, the challenges confronting the world grow increasingly complex. The point of departure is that all innovation begins in human consciousness, and often through cross-boundary meetings between different areas of knowledge, between resources and needs, between questions and answers. Innovation in Mind is an arena for such meetings. The aim is to focus on innovations and their prerequisites — how can they be realized? How to encourage new ways of thinking? We want to contribute to a better climate for innovation, and we want to be a catalyst that launches new collaborations and constellations.

Here are some of the key concepts that characterize Innovation in Mind:

… meet with innovative minds This is both a challenge and a promise. Innovation in Mind is the arena for insightful conversations, meetings and contacts involving ideas, thoughts and knowledge while ignoring traditional boundaries between subject matter and generations.

… scan the horizons Broaden your own view of the world — check out what’s going on. Where are the challenges — what might the solutions be — with whom can I work?

 … see the new connections Innovation requires new thinking and encounters in the borderland between different fields of knowledge. See how others have succeeded and draw your own conclusions.

 … discover new opportunities Maybe it will be Innovation in Mind that makes the decisive piece of the puzzle to drop into place and becomes the beginning of something new. There are many examples of how Innovation in Mind has resulted in new collaborations and innovations.

 After five successful years Innovation in Mind is a well-established meeting place for a demanding and diverse assemblage of researchers, educators, business people, and representatives of the cultural and public sectors. The doers, thinkers and movers of today and tomorrow. Innovation in Mind attracts people interested in innovation and experts from all over the world. During the annual conferences, many actors in the field of innovation arrange workshops, open forums and other activities. That provides a unique overview and opportunities for contacts with a broad spectrum of innovation ventures.

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Innovation in Mind at a glance

Innovation in Mind attracts Nobel prize winners and computer game gurus. Razor-sharp scientists and dazzling practitioners. Self-made entrepreneurs are mixed in with people working in various cultural fields and people from business and finance. Here you will find today’s and tomorrow’s innovators. After nearly five years, Innovation in Mind is an established meetingplace in the intersection between science, enterprise, culture and the public sector. Here, in the borderland between ideas, fields of knowledge and ambitions, new constellations and new opportunities emerge.

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