Innovation in Mind · Lund / Sweden

Innovation in Mind

Innovation in Mind – a new mindset

Innovation in Mind is devoted to making knowledge visible, understandable and accessible so that it can be shared and lead to insight and sustainable change…and we mean business!

As an annual meeting point Innovation in Mind has brought people and ideas together…with innovation in mind. For five succesful years, we have been scanning the horizons, encouraging new ways of thinking and initiating cross-boundary collaborations and works of Art&Science in order to contribute to a better climate for innovation and getting things started.

Now it´s time for the next step, and a new mindset. From now on, Innovation in Mind will transform itself to being a movement, a catalyst and a booster for cross boundary initiatives in the frontline of innovation. On-going and exciting real-life things at the intersection between science and society. Knowledge with the potential to change the way we live, work, interact and understand the world around us.

There is an exciting journey ahead. Please stay tuned with innovation in mind to be part of the next move. Hope to see you soon! 


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